Undergraduate Courses (UTM)

Syllabuses are available upon request.

FRE280Y5  Language Practice: Written
This course develops writing skills at an intermediate level in the areas of vocabulary, grammar and style. Emphasis will be put on practice and error correction.

FRE312H5  From the Gothic and Fantastic Novels to Realism in Quebec
A study of the first wave of fiction in the 1830 with the Gothic Novel, and its evolution through fantasy, folklore and Novel of the Land which spread from 1846 to 1945.

FRE343H5 Indigenous Literatures in Quebec and Francophone Canada
The course explores Indigenous literatures in Francophone Canada including Indigenous texts and authors from Quebec. The works discussed engage with issues of sovereignty, anti-racism, Native identity and gender, and span multiple genres including fiction, theatre, poetry and essay.

FRE417H5  Comedy and Tragedy in Quebec Theatre
This advanced course explores the way plays evolved from an academic form to the exploration of modern and postmodern drama.

FRE440H5 Francophone Periodical Studies
A study of the interaction of literature and journalism, from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day. The course will examine a variety of French and Quebecois periodicals, journalists’ trajectories, and mediatic genres including the chronicle, reportage, interview, leading article (“Premier-Paris”), and anecdote.